Venmo is another way in which you can donate to FBC. Below are instructions on how to get setup. If you already have an account then skip ahead by scanning the QR code or going to

Setup Guide

Create your account

You will need your debit card, credit card, or bank account information handy.

Make a payment

Click “Pay or Request”.

Find us!

Search for FBC-Donations or scan the QR code above.

Let us know what it’s for

Input your payment amount and the reason. If your user name isn’t the same as your real name, please also include a comment saying who you are.

Adjust your privacy

You can make your donation private with a quick click. Once finished, click “Pay”. This link will show you how to set your default privacy:


The first time you make a donation this way, you may be asked to confirm the last four of the phone number. Please use “1676”.

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