When I was 10, I dreamed of getting a new bike—a Huffy Convertible they were called. Best bike ever made. When Natalie was 10 years old, she told me that when she gets a car, she knows what shape car she wants. I told her it will be shaped like a tank. Seriously, she has studied today’s cars, and though she is not too particular about the model she gets when she turns 16, she does have the shape picked out.

I have assured her that the only shape her car will have is four wheels and large fenders. Beyond that, she had better be saving her nickels and dimes.

Well, she turns sixteen in December, and she now has a car.  It’s the shape she likes, and it was in my price range, so we are both happy.

She’s done driver training and I think has done very well.  She’s hit a few curbs, but who hasn’t?  She has, at times, made me nervous as a cat, but what parent hasn’t?

With that being said, my favorite episode of “The Andy Griffith Show,” is when Barney talks to Gomer about the concept of “Citizen’s Arrest.” Then promptly, Barney does an illegal U-turn, and Gomer attempts to make such an arrest of Barney. The two almost come to blows before Andy intervenes.

According to my exhaustive research on Wikipedia, Citizen’s Arrest is done in many countries and is legal in the United States. I don’t know how often it is tried, but if you have the guts to do it, then have at it. Good luck.

My family got really tired of me saying “Citizen’s Arrest” on a vacation to Florida one summer. If I had the guts to do it, and the wrestling moves or moxie to pull it off, I would have made several on I-75. Nothing aggravates me more than people who drive like fools. When people speed and tailgate, I get mad because they are endangering others on the road.

Some guy in a SUV on Stewart Street almost got a Citizen’s Arrest from this preacher. I’m not quite sure how to do one, but I would start by pulling up beside them and yelling some dirty word. OK, maybe not. Or I could speed up, clip them from the side and force them into a ditch.   That might not be such a good idea either. How about waiting till the light, walk to their window and say, “Would you please exit the car, and put your hands behind your back? You are under Citizen’s Arrest.” I’m sure that would go over well.

Maybe this is not as easy as I think. It seemed like a simple thing when Barney explained it to Gomer in Mayberry talk.

The truth is, we should all care about safety on the roads, lakes, and homes. Many years ago a group of angry women got together and made a difference. They were a group called M.A.D.D., Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. Anger can be a good thing when it is channeled properly and used in constructive ways. Conversely, when used destructively, as I would certainly do making a Citizen’s Arrest, much harm can come.

What is true on the road is true in the home. We need to learn to “turn the other fender” in our own driveway, forgive those closest to us, and move on with grace.

~Pastor Steve

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