First Baptist Church is partnering with Jon and Tanya Parks, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Field Personnel in Kosice, Slovakia. We will be taking a team of no more than 24 people to Slovakia to support Jon and Tanya and their ministry with the Roma people in Kosice. We need people trained in the medical profession, educators, people who are willing to work in a construction environment, and people who want to experience and share the love of God.
The dates of the trip are not set in stone but will be around June 19-27, 2020. Cost of the trip is estimated to be $2000 per person. If you and/or your family want to commit to going on this mission trip, fill out the form below and pay the $100 per person non-refundable deposit. If you can not commit to going to Slovakia, we ask that you support this partnership by praying for those who are going, for Jon and Tanya Parks, and for ministry work that is already happening in Slovakia.
Please register and pay your initial deposit of $100 per person below.

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