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Standing Committees

Our church bylaws define several standing committees, each of which has a page linked below.

Finance and Stewardship Committee

This Committee shall prepare and submit a budget to the Church for action; develop, recommend, and execute an appropriate stewardship plan for meeting the approved budget; and oversee expenditures according to sound principles of finances.

Nominating Committee

This Committee shall coordinate the staffing of all Church leadership positions that are filled by volunteers except Deacons, Trustees and Standing Committees.

Personnel Committee

This Committee shall recommend to the Church for employment of Ministerial Staff members as referred to in Article III, Section C, Par. 1c.  Ministerial Staff other than the Pastor shall be terminated as referred to in Article III, Section C, Par. 1d. This Committee shall employ and/or terminate Operational Staff as referred to in Article III, Section D.  This Committee shall be…

Properties Committee

This Committee shall assist the Church in matters related to the administration of Church properties including purchase, maintenance, and policies regarding use. Oversight of any building project should be carried out by a project manager appointed by the Properties Committee.  The project manager will report to the Pastor and Chair of the Properties Committee. 

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

This Committee shall have the responsibility of reviewing regularly the Constitution and Bylaws, recommending revisions and additions deemed necessary, and interpreting provisions upon request.

Committee on Committees

This Committee shall have the responsibility of filling the positions of all committee members, (including chairpersons, if needed) for the new Church year (beginning each September) as members rotate off a three (3) year service period.  The Committee on Committees is comprised of the seven (7) Deacons that rotate off active service at the beginning of a new Church year.

Long-Range Planning Committee

This Committee shall have the responsibility of the extended planning for facilities and Church property. This Committee will consult with the Church staff,  the Deacon body, and Properties Committee regarding ministry needs, long-range planning, and future property development. This Committee shall give a yearly report during a Church business conference.