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Preaching and Politics

This week’s episode features Dr. Joel Snider and focuses on Matthew 13:46-46.

The era in which we find ourselves defines almost everything by politics. Are you right or left – red or blue?  We have invested politics with too much of a divine quality, failing to remember only the gospel of Jesus Christ can save us. There is nothing in this life that is more important than the Lordship of Christ. Nothing in this life escapes the judgment of God. These statements include politics.

How will a new pastor for First Baptist address the political climate? I suggest three principles:

  1.  Have a high view of the gospel. Do not invest politics with any more power.
  2.  Have a shepherd’s heart. If tempted to thunder like a prophet from the pulpit, remember some people came with burdens today totally unrelated to the latest new cycle.
  3.  Make the congregation a place for all people. Too many relationships have been disrupted by politics: marriages, family reunions, social gatherings. Congregation and pastor alike should covenant to live up the the words of Paul in Romans 12:18 – “If it is possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.”

Surely the church can be one place where Christians of various political leanings can still pray together, serve together, and worship together, despite voting differently.