"Caring People Sharing God’s Love"

Not Optional

This week’s episode features Rev Christopher Simonton and focuses on Romans 12:1-3. 

We love customization in every area of our lives. We love having choices and making our own customized version of whatever we are buying. But does that fit with the Christian life?

The verses today contain a call to serve. That call is for all of us. The Word of God is for a Christian to serve Jesus and his church. We are to:

1. Be set apart to God.

2. Don’t conform, transform. 

3. Be humble in service. 

Jesus says he did not come to this world to be served, but “to be one who serves.” The word Jesus uses is “deaconos” and is where we get our modern word for deacon. Jesus is the first deacon of the church and we model our service to the church on his model.