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Drink Before You’re Thirsty

This week’s episode features Dr Joel Snider and focuses on John 4:1-15.

Athletes know it is dangerous to wait until you are thirsty to begin hydrating. In extreme conditions, they begin preparing days ahead of their body’s need for water. 

Can we see a parallel to Jesus as “living water?”   

The day in which live is to the soul what heat and exertion are to the body, upping our need for the hydration of the living water.  Why wait until the soul is thirsty to drink freely.”Thirst isn’t a helpful indicator of hydration. In fact, when you’re thirsty, you could already be dehydrated, having lost as much as 1 to 2 percent of your body’s water content. And with that kind of water loss, you may start to experience cognitive impairments — like stress, agitation and forgetfulness, to name a few.”
— The Mayo Clinic Staff