The Davis clan is doing all we can to spur the economy.  We are having a total remodeling of our kitchen. I told a friend: “Kitchen?  I didn’t know we had one.”  We’re remodeling a room in our house that gets about as much traffic as our attic.  Why not just remodel the attic?  That would be a whole lot cheaper, but of course, we wouldn’t then be stimulating the entire U.S. economy. 

We’ve had some interesting remodeling experiences that we might not otherwise have had.  Sheri and I went to one of those big hardware stores looking for flooring, tiles, and backsplashes.  I thought a backsplash was a swim stroke gone bad.  After looking at umpteen dozen styles of tiles, and as our eyes were beginning to glaze over, the kind store clerk asked if we needed any help.  Sheri blurted out, “Yes, do you have a therapist at this store?” 

 The worst part of the experience so far is moving the stuff out of the kitchen.  We had to clear everything out so that the workers could rip out the old cabinets.  Our coffee pot, for example, is in the bathroom.  We were only moving the stuff (plates, bowls, spoons) two rooms over.  What’s the big deal?  You would have thought we were moving to California, the way Sheri boxed everything up.  Yes, that’s right, we boxed everything up. My idea was simply to put newspaper on the floor in the other room, lay the stuff on it, and cover it all with a sheet.  Not a bad idea, I thought.  The Lord of the Kitchen thought otherwise.   So, we boxed stuff up like we worked for Barnes Van Lines, much to my chagrin.    

One bit of good news is that we have thrown out some kitchen junk that we had accumulated over the years.  You know, plastic cups with the first Super Bowl logo on them, stuff like that.  Sheri also threw away some dusty cook books.  I didn’t know we had any.    

So, we will have about a week or two without a kitchen.  Life is tough.  I would be hard pressed to find a cup to drink out of right now.  One night, all I wanted was a cup for some milk, but I searched in vain.  It’s all boxed up. So, we are eating out all our meals, which is something of a habit anyway.  As busy as we stay, life and food often happen on the go.  Before this remodeling, when we would tell our kids it is time to eat, they wouldn’t go to the kitchen, they would go to the car. When Sheri would ring the dinner bell, I would grab the car keys.  But, now with this new kitchen, we’re going to spend entire weekends camping on the new floor and admiring the backsplash.

The truth is, I’ve still got a house even if I don’t have a kitchen.  Lots of folk could do without new tiles and backsplashes; they would settle for a home and a family.  I’ve got both.  I will love our new kitchen.  And by the way, all jesting aside, my dear wife is a great cook and there is nothing better than sitting down with the family to enjoy food together—especially knowing that Uncle Sam is grateful for our stimulus money. 

The Apostle Paul was describing the early church, but he might as well have been describing the Davis household (with the new kitchen): “Day by day, as they spent much time together in the temple (church), they broke bread at home and ate their food with glad and generous hearts” (Acts 2:46).

~Pastor Steve

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