Pastor Transition 2020-2021

Dr. Steve Davis announced his retirement August 23, 2020. We celebrated his retirement and his faithful ministry of twenty-five years on November 1st, 2020. Rev. Dr. Joel Snider joined us as interim pastor on January 3, 2021.
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Administrative Council

Curt Giebeig, Deacon Chair
Dr. Mark Albertus, Deacon Vice Chair
Stacy Lawler, Personnel Chair

Frequenty Asked Questions

What is the latest update from the Pastor Search Committee?

March 24, 2021 Pastor Search Update: The Pastor Search Committee recently met to review the next steps in helping to create our church profile. We recognize that finding a pastor has dramatically changed over the years. As a result, creating this church profile is vital to the search process. This profile is intended to inform our committee and candidates of exactly what our church needs in its next senior pastor. The church profile will be built using the original survey from January, and with information from the three conversations with the congregation.

We thank each of you that took the time to provide feedback during the first conversation. The committee was able to garner key components that will be incorporated into the church profile.

The second conversation with the congregation is coming soon, so please look for details.

The third and final conversation with the congregation is when the survey will be shared, and we will apply those results to aid in finishing the church profile.

The survey and three conversations provide different building blocks for the church profile. It is important that we have your input for the next two conversations with the congregation, so that we can complete the church profile.

The Pastor Search Committee earnestly asks for your prayers and patience during this important process. And, we thank those that have been praying ceaselessly for us, our church and our next pastor.

What is a Self-Study

A congregational self-study involves a focused look at who we are today:

  • What core traits define our culture together?
  • What do current numbers say about our strengths?
  • How has Carrollton changed and what future changes do we expect?
  • What qualities does the congregation hope to see in the next pastor?

The self-study will result in two documents: a congregational profile and a pastoral profile. The committee will use both to seek God’s leadership toward a candidate who best matches what we need.

Who are the members of the Pastor Search Committee?

The members of the committee are listed below with their pictures.

What are the duties of our Interim Pastor?

Dr. Joel Snider will fill the pulpit a minimum of nine Sundays each quarter. Additionally, he participates in staff meetings, provides feedback to our ministers, participates in Deacons’ meetings, and makes occasional trips to Carrollton for special events. The ministerial staff provides and recruits pulpit supply preachers when Dr. Snider is not with us. Dr. Snider will also provide limited counseling and visitation as requested and his schedule in Carrollton allows.

How are significant decisions and duties handled during the interim?

Jennifer Jindrich administrates the day-to-day operation of the church and coordinates the work of the ministerial staff. The church elected an Administrative Council to guide matters beyond the day-to-day operations (see their pictures below). Dr. Snider advises as requested. Questions about duties previously filled by the senior pastor can be directed to Jennifer or the Administrative Council.

Are we accepting resumes?

The PSC is already receiving and cataloging some resumes. Their current work is focused on developing the Congregational and Pastoral Profiles. Once those are completed, they will be more active in seeking resumes and recommendations of individuals who match our profiles.

How long will the search last?

Twenty years ago, the standard wisdom of pastoral searches was that it takes a month for every year of service by the prior pastor in order to find a new minister. The PSC believes their process will be much shorter. Taking the time to seek God’s guidance in creating our profiles will help speed up the process when they actively evaluate candidates. Additionally, the internet helps reduce the need for travel time, as most candidates can be evaluated on their preaching by viewing current sermons on their respective churches’ websites.

What are our ministry plans as we move from the limitations of COVID protocols?

At the end of March, we began transitioning back for a more complete schedule of ministry. Seating is no longer restricted, but we ask that, for the safety of others, members continue to wear masks. Two services are scheduled for Palm Sunday, Easter, Graduate Recognition (May 2) and Mother’s Day (May 9). By August, we plan to be back to two services each Sunday.

The ministerial staff is ramping up activities now and making plans to be at full schedule as schools begin in August.

Many of our virtual opportunities will continue for all members who wish to take advantage of them. Worship and some Sunday School classes will continue to offer a virtual lesson for members who cannot participate in person.

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