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One of life’s most beautiful words is family. At First Baptist Church, we take seriously the Bible’s teaching that Christians are the family of God and therefore brothers and sisters in Christ. As a “family of faith” we seek to worship and serve God, share the good news of the gospel message, and provide the spiritual environment necessary for the believer’s spiritual growth.

We invite you and your family to experience the joy and excitement of the First Baptist family. Our church has gained a reputation as a friendly and caring fellowship, and we would welcome the opportunity to show you why. We would be honored to have you in any of our worship services or other activities.

If you are looking for a church home, First Baptist just may be the place for you!

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How do I get there?

FBC is conveniently located in downtown Carrollton, just “off the square,” on the corner of Dixie Street and Newnan Street at 102 Dixie Street. We are across from the Carroll County Courthouse and adjacent to the BB&T bank.

Where do I park?

There are reserved parking spaces for guests near the fellowship hall entrance which faces South White Street. On weekends, you may also park in the BB&T bank parking lot and deck.

Where do I go?

Look for the Guest Welcome Center sign outside the fellowship hall entrance, which faces South White Street. When you visit prior to Sunday School, you’ll be greeted by church members who will give you information about the various class listings for adults and escort you and your family to your Sunday School classes.

What do I wear?

Many people wear suits and dresses and others wear slacks and polo shirts. Please know you will be welcome no matter what you wear.

What are some of the distinctives of First Baptist Church?

Our motto expresses much about our congregation. We seek to be a “Caring People Sharing God’s Love.” A passionate love of God, a spirit of harmony and a commitment to excellence pervade the congregation. Although we were founded in 1847, First Baptist is still a very healthy, growing congregation. We have a rich tradition of lay-led mission ministries. We have played a significant role in the formation of many important ministries in Carrollton. We are strong in all age groups, having multiple ministries and deep commitment from our members. We have been at our current location on Dixie Street since the 1870’s where we have been blessed with a diverse membership and wonderful facilities. Although we are a historic, moderate baptist church, many of our members come from non-baptist backgrounds and have found First Baptist to be a great church home.

How can I join First Baptist Church?

You can join First Baptist Church in one of three ways: 

  1. Baptism – Publicly professing your faith in Christ as your Lord and Savior by following Jesus’ example (Matt 3). Although we gladly and joyfully practice immersion, and strongly encourage it, we also respect one’s baptism from another Christian church. There are situations where immersion is not possible or practical. When, after consultation with the Pastor, it is determined that immersion is not possible or practical for whatever reason, the church may accept the individual’s membership upon a profession of faith.  
  2. Transfer of Letter – Presenting yourself for membership from another church of like faith and practice. This can be done during Sunday worship service or Wednesday night prayer time.
  3. Statement of Faith – Presenting yourself for membership having come from a church of another denomination (or having no current active membership), and being a professing Christian who has, at some time been baptized by immersion, sprinkling, or pouring. This can be done during Sunday worship service or Wednesday night prayer time.

All new and prospective members are encouraged to participate in our FBC101 Orientation Class, but this is not a requirement for membership. Prospective members will often talk with the pastor before joining. 

How big is First Baptist?

We are small enough to connect with each other and large enough to offer a variety of programming and small groups.

What is Sunday School like?

Sunday School/Life Groups are central to the way we do church at First Baptist. A coffee and doughnut fellowship is offered each Sunday at 9:15 a.m. in the fellowship hall, followed by Sunday School for all ages at 9:45 a.m. Sunday School is not just for children at our church. Our children and youth classes are age-graded. Most of our adult classes are co-ed, and most class members are in the same age range. We use a variety of curricula, but all of our classes are biblically-based studies. Through these groups we also do much of our outreach, fellowship, caregiving, and mission activities.

What are your worship services like?

We have two very similar hour-long English language morning worship services (8:30 and 11:00 in the sanctuary). Sanctuary services are traditional baptist in style with scripture readings, hymns, organ and piano, special music and a choir (11:00 only). Both services include liturgical and creative elements. Our pastor preaches twenty-minute biblically-based sermons and normally wears a suit. At the end of our services, we always offer an invitation to Christian discipleship and church membership. We have communion every two months, on Maundy Thursday, and Christmas Eve.  

Can I meet the Pastor?

The Pastor would love to meet you! Dr. Steve Davis is available at the Dixie Street entrance after worship every Sunday morning. If you would like a more in-depth visit with the Pastor, please call the church office to set up a time for a personal visit or phone call.

You can call the church office at (770) 832-6359 Monday-Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

What is the doctrine of First Baptist Church? Do you have a doctrinal statement?

First Baptist Church is a historic baptist congregation with historic baptist theology. Part of that theology affirms the Bible as the final authority in all matters of faith and practice. “No creed but the Bible” has been a baptist stance for over four hundred years. Although many baptist churches have a doctrinal statement, our lack of one is consistent with the position of many other historic Baptists who had experienced persecution based on creedal non-conformity. We do have a Church Covenant which we read together from time to time. Our Covenant is simply a compilation of New Testament texts on the nature and function of the church. According to our pastor: “FBC’s doctrine is in the middle of the road of historic, moderate Baptists. We are a missional, evangelistic people, strongly committed to the priesthood of all believers. We affirm historic baptist principles, such as: the final authority of scripture; a symbolic view of two ordinances; the freedom and competency of the soul; congregational government; and religious liberty and its corollary, the separation of church and state. We fully affirm women in ministry and service in all capacities. We are both a ‘safe zone’ for those concerned about theological heresy and a ‘free zone’ for those concerned about their freedom of interpretation being honored.”

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