"Caring People Sharing God’s Love"

Welcome! Here at FBC we invite any and all students to come have fun and learn about Jesus together. We strive to be a friendly, safe place that allows students to take a break from the stresses of school and pressures of life and relax with others their age. We play games, go on fun retreats, engage in friendly sports competitions, and study the Bible. Students are welcome to ask questions and give opinions as we read through Bible stories and learn about God. The ultimate goal of all our programs and activities is that our students learn how to follow Jesus Christ in every are of their lives. 

Classes & Devotionals

Youth Sunday School10-10:45 every Sunday taught by various teachers downstairs in The Place. This is a more in-depth bible study time with breakfast provided.
Tuesday Morning Youth Prayer Breakfast(Resuming in Aug.) 7:15-8 at the Waffle House on South Park Street. Hungry? Breakfast is provided at this casual devotional time. We meet, eat, and say a prayer for the day. Transportation provided for those who need help getting to school.
Wednesday Night Worship and Dinner(Resuming in Aug.) Dinner is at 6:45-7 and costs $5 per person. Guests eat free!

(Resuming in Aug.) Worship starts at 7 and goes ’til 8. We play a few easy games, listen to worship music, and then go through our lesson. We mix topics and going through books of the Bible. Everyone has a chance to ask questions, learn about God, and see how exciting the Bible can be when read well.