"Caring People Sharing God’s Love"

The Place

The Place houses the Student Ministries of First Baptist Church. The building helps further the youth, college, and other ministries of the church. Therefore, The Place is available for church members to use for church functions when it is not being used by the Student Ministries. The Place is also available for non-church use, by church members and by non-church members for a fee and deposit, when no other church functions have been scheduled. Sunday usage is restricted to church activities. Checking availability, for both church functions and non-church use, and booking may be done by contacting the church office, and completing the reservation/liability forms with deposit if for non-church use.

By using The Place, participants agree to abide by all church policies relating to building usage, including but not limited to the following. When participating in events at The Place, participants and supervisors are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that furthers, and does not hinder, the mission of First Baptist Church and its Student Ministry. Participants, particularly young people, may be asked to leave a function at any time by supervisors. Such participants must be picked up promptly upon dismissal. Furthermore, supervisors have the authority to shut down a function at any time, even without notice, should they deem it necessary to uphold FBC policies.

Food is the responsibility of the party renting The Place. We ask that you avoid foods that could do permanent damage to the facility, as well as food that could stick to the flooring, such as Skittles, Starburst, or gum.

Fees for Non-Church Use of The Place

For all non-church usage, The Place may be rented by a church member for $100 plus a $100 cleaning fee. Non-members may rent The Place for $200 plus a $100 cleaning fee. This cost includes two hours of usage, plus one hour of set-up. Any event lasting over two hours must have prior approval and will incur a fee of $75 for each additional hour. A fee of up to $100 may be charged for moving/removing furniture.

Payments for supervision/instruction of games/audio/visual usage are over and above these usage rates: $50 for up to two hours; $25 each additional hour.

Additionally, a date for a non-church event will be considered “locked-in” for a church member when the church office receives a $100 refundable deposit. For non-members, the refundable deposit will be $500. This deposit will be refunded within seven days after the event, providing the facilities are left in the condition they are found.

A breakdown of fees is as follows

Rental Fee$100$200
  • The deposit is refundable
  • The rental fee includes one hour of set-up and two hours of usage
Event lasting over 2 hours$75 / hr
Cleaning fee$100
Furniture moving / removing$100
Supervision of games and electronics (first 2 hours)$50
Supervision of games and electronics (additional hours)$25 / hr

Special Policies for Non-Church Usage of The Place

  • Every effort will be made to not move the date of a party, event, or function once it is booked, as doing so would be a great inconvenience. However, under certain circumstances, Student Ministries and church ministries reserve the right to ask that a party, event, or function be moved to another date if the need arises for The Place to be used for a Student Ministry or church event. Again, Sunday usage is restricted to church use only.
  • Participants and supervisors at The Place must abide by certain guidelines, including but not limited to the following:
    • Behavior must be in accordance with the mission of First Baptist Church. As such, profanity and inappropriate speech will not be tolerated.
    • Discretion must be used in choosing appropriate ways of showing affection. Adult chaperones and supervisors may address situations of inappropriate displays of affection at any time.
    • The use of alcohol, tobacco products, and illegal drugs are not allowed.
    • No weapons of any kind are allowed inside The Place.
    • Students are not allowed to roam the areas around The Place. Students must be inside the building or on the porch and adjoining yard at all times, unless being picked up by a parent/guardian.
    • Safety practices must be followed at all times.
    • No audio, visual, or gaming equipment may be used without a church-appointed, authorized individual running such systems. The fee for such an individual is $50 for functions lasting less than two hours and $25 for each additional hour. No audio, video, sound, or game equipment may be used without first checking with the church office about its availability.
  • The Place is equipped with internet services. The computers in the building are internet-ready and the building is equipped with a wireless internet system.
  • Usage of any computer or internet service is strictly prohibited unless previous arrangements are made. Such arrangements must be made no less than one week prior to the date of the event.
  • Entering the electrical room, the unfinished space on the second floor, and administrative offices of The Place is prohibited. The conference room may only be used if prior arrangements are made. The upstairs area should only be used to come in and out of The Place. The downstairs storage room should only be entered if prior access is granted. The warming kitchen should only be used for serving food. Students are not allowed in the warming kitchen.
  • There must be one adult chaperone (twenty-one years or older) for every seven students.
  • All decorations must be removed immediately upon completion of the event.
  • The responsible party, as listed below, must be at The Place at all times.
  • Generally speaking, The Place is not available for usage on Sundays and Wednesdays.
  • All events should be concluded by 10:00 p.m., unless other arrangements are made. Such arrangements must be made no less than three business days before the requested use.
  • Arrangements for opening and closing The Place must be made with the church office no less than three business days before the requested use.
  • Furniture, equipment, and other items within The Place may not be moved unless prior arrangements are made. A fee of up to $100 may be charged for moving/removing furniture.
  • All food waste must be disposed in the kitchen trashcans only.
  • If used, all dishes, utensils, and kitchen items must be cleaned and returned to their proper places.
  • Be sure all lights are turned off, all doors locked, and air is at appointed level.
  • Users are financially responsible for any damage caused. Determining the extent of damage and the respective repair costs is at the discretion of the church.