"Caring People Sharing God’s Love"

Non-Church Use


  1. All facilities at First Baptist Church are intended for the use and benefit of its membership and implementing FBC sponsored ministries.
  2. The church property and buildings are available for use by any non-profit group or church member for church related events or for non-church related events. Non-church related events are defined as events that may occur at this facility but are not a part of the overall ministry of the church. These events may involve church members.
  3. The Properties Committee, under the guidance of the Deacon body, reserves the right to refuse use of its facilities by any group for any reason. The church, specifically, will deny any use it feels is counter to the mission of the church.
  4. No use will conflict with activities of the church or preparation for these activities.
  5. The church reserves the right to cancel any reservation for use with no less than four weeks prior notice in favor of its own need or those of any of its members.
  6. Unfortunately, no items within the church, including folding tables and chairs, dishes, utensils, etc. are available for use outside of the church property, unless for a specific church-related function.
  7. A separate wedding policy is available and should be used for that specific event.
  8. The church is not available on Sunday for non-church related events except for events that are supportive of the mission of our church (i.e., anniversaries, showers, etc.). The church is not available on Wednesday evenings. If the sanctuary is used on Saturday, the event must be completed and the sanctuary cleaned by 8:00 p.m.
  9. All events scheduled should be concluded by 10:00 p.m.


  1. Usage of the church building is free if events do not exceed 3 hours, with the exception of a non-negotiable cleaning fee of $100 per area used. (For example: Burns Hall is $100, and the kitchen would be a separate $100 if food is to be cooked.) Also, non-profit groups and church members using the facilities are required to submit a $250 deposit, refundable if the facilities used are left in a clean and orderly manner. The church reserves the right to retain this deposit and to require additional fees to be paid to cover any unexpected janitorial or repair expenses.
  2. The Properties Committee will determine if a certificate of insurance would be required for activities that could have some liability exposure. (8/17/99)
  3. A utilities and maintenance fee of $50/hour will be charged for events exceeding 3 hours in duration.
  4. The fee for moving furniture is $100 and must be performed by our maintenance supervisor.

General Use

  1. Arrangements for opening and closing of the building must be made with the church office no later than one (1) business day before the requested use.
  2. All church facilities must be left in same manner as they were before use, as clean and with the original arrangement of furnishings. Furnishings in the Sanctuary and Burns Hall must be moved by church personnel. A $100 fee is required. The furniture in the education building may be temporarily moved. The furniture must be returned to the original location before leaving. All food waste must be disposed in the kitchen trashcans only.
  3. Each group is responsible for cleaning all dishes and utensils used. The kitchen dishwashers are NOT to be used, and if food will be cooked, a separate cleaning fee for the kitchen will be charged.
  4. Each group will be financially responsible for any damage caused. Determining the extent of damage and its expected repair costs is at the discretion of the church.
  5. Candles used in the facilities must be of the dripless variety and must have protective sheets under the candles to prevent spilling wax on the carpet and furnishings. Candles may be used in the windows only when enclosed in globes. (Battery operated candles are preferred.) Any damage caused by candles will be at the expense of the person responsible for reserving the church facilities.

Scheduling Use of Facilities

  1. Call the church office to check on the availability of the facilities.
  2. Complete and submit the approval form to the church office. This form will be forwarded to the chairman of the Properties Committee.
  3. The Properties Committee will discuss, approve or disapprove, and notify the church office.
  4. The Church office will record on the church calendar and contact the requesting party of the approval or denial of the event.
  5. Security deposit will be due at the time of notification.