It had been a long week with the death of good friend, Tommy Greer, and the accident involving my friend, Jan Tolbert.

Because it had been a long week, in a moment of self-pity, I justified buying a milkshake because I deserved it. I’m not supposed to drink them, except occasionally and in moderation.  That being said, I did the Chick-fil-A drive thru and got a large Cookies N Cream shake.  After all, I deserved it.

So, I pulled into my driveway that night with milkshake in one hand and cell phone in the other, talking to my son, Tyler.  That’s when I remembered that I had a gym bag (gym bag and milkshake?) and a coat in the back of the car.  Securing bag and coat in my left hand and milkshake/cell phone in the right, I made it up the front porch steps.  Now fumbling for my keys with the left hand, (in the spirit of Matthew 6:3: “The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand doeth”), with the milkshake firmly planted against my side, I somehow crushed the cup.  I mean I destroyed the cup, that is, the one holding ounces of incredible Cookies N Cream milkshake that I so richly deserved.

Said milkshake flowed rather rapidly down my coat, my shirt, pants, shoes, and basically anything I was wearing at the time. It didn’t stop there.  What was not on my clothes oozed downstream onto the porch so that I was standing inch deep in milkshake.  So, as I rushed inside to get to the sink, I make milkshake tracks all over the hallway and kitchen floor.  I got not one sip of milkshake, nor did I get to eat the cherry on top. It took quite a while to hose the porch and clean up the house.

How am I to view this event?  As a preacher looking for a sermon, there are endless possibilities. 

1) Umm, let’s see.  How about the power of temptation?  Adam and Eve thought an apple was tempting; be glad there wasn’t the “Garden of Eden Cookies N Cream Special.” I could have avoided this nightmare had I not given into the temptation which said that I deserved the treat.

2) A Calvinist could say, “Well it was predestined to happen. Nothing you could have done about it.  Accept it and move on.”  A Baptist would say: “You been drinking?”

3) “Patience, my friend, patience.”  What I had done was try to turn a two tripper into a one tripper.  I had tried to turn a single into a double. Patience often steers us clear of trouble.

4) Make the best of the bad situation.  I cleaned up the mess and instead of a milkshake, I enjoyed a cup of decaf and some peanuts. Not what I had wanted but not bad.

5) Learn to laugh at your mistakes. I wish someone had filmed it ‘cause it would have gone viral. Then the whole world could laugh at or with me.

6) In light of all the heartbreak in our community recently, my milkshake experience is nothing.

I wish we could wake up tomorrow and discover that it’s all been a bad dream.  So, be grateful for life itself. Hug those you love and even those you don’t.

~Pastor Steve

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