CAVE people are Citizens Against Virtually Everything.  Every community has them and I guess every church too. We have a church member who says that he has been against every change we have ever done at church. I think he’s kidding!

In my mind, baseball sports writers have always fallen into the category of CAVE people. That is until this year, because last week the unthinkable happened.  Can you tell me what happened last week that has made me change my mind?  Mariano Rivera, New York Yankee pitcher/reliever was voted into the Hall of Fame unanimously by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (otherwise known as CAVE people).  That my friends has never happened before. What has never happened?  The unanimous part, that’s what.

It had become a ritual of winter.  I used to get so put out with the BBWA.   I have never  understood how it could happen every single year.  I remember back in ’07 when it happened to Cal Ripken Jr., and I was really riled up.  That year someone or several someones, voted against Cal Ripken Jr. for admission to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Oh he got in, but my point is that there had never been a unanimous selection to Cooperstown until this year.  Can you believe that?  Was Babe Ruth unanimous?  Nope.  Ty Cobb?  Nope.  Hank Aaron?  Nope.  In fact, Cal Ripken Jr. did finish with the third highest total ever, behind Tom Seaver and Nolan Ryan, but he wasn’t unanimous.

How could anyone in their right mind not vote for Cal or Babe or Aaron?  Maybe the question contains the answer.  They aren’t in their right mind.  Apparently there are some sports writers living in a home for fuddy-duddies, who have decided that nothing should be unanimous and so they vote against everything.  Fuddy-duddies are against change. Period!

If they had a vote on sainthood, they would cast it against Mother Theresa.  They are the Simon Cowell (“America’s Got Talent” judge) of the sports world.  The dictionary defines a fuddy-duddy as “One who is old fashioned and fussy.”

A few years ago, we went to California on vacation and north of San Francisco is the Muir Woods National Park, where the redwood trees can be seen.  We saw them reaching to the clouds.  It was one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen, second only to the Vulcan statue in Birmingham and the Boll Weevil Monument in Enterprise, AL (Can you guess my home state?).  What’s really neat about the redwoods is that they are still growing, still changing.  After hundreds of years of growth, they don’t stop changing.

I have a few rings around my trunk, but I don’t need to stop changing.

It is easier to find fault than it is to shower praise.  I don’t want to be “fussy” and oppose every good idea that comes my way.   I want to be positive rather than negative.  I want to give a “thumbs up,” not a “thumbs down.”  I don’t have a vote for the Baseball Hall of Fame, but I do get to cast my ballot on how I will live my life.  As a Christian, I will try to lift people up and not tear them down.  I will try to be a positive influence on others and on the church.  I will vote against fuddy-duddyism.

Will you join me?  Let’s make it unanimous!

~Pastor Steve

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