Going to the Magnolia Ball is quite a big deal, and I’m glad to say that Natalie and I will be attending next weekend. But going to it necessitates getting my tux out of the closet and putting it on for inspection. That inspection of a tux that I have had for 15 years and have worn only two or three times, meant that it needed a trip to the dry cleaners. I also decided to try on the patent leather shoes that go with it. I’m really glad I did because they were snug and a pull on the right one dislodged the entire sole and heel. So, I have one left, patent leather shoe, size 10. Does anyone have a right one?

Luckily for me, I mentioned this in a sermon and some dear friends dropped a pair by the church. They are size eleven, but two or three pairs of socks and I’m good to go. Correction, someone else dropped off another pair of patent leather shoes for me; this second pair is so small I can’t get my big toe in them. A bit snug, I would say. I will go with the size eleven and hope they don’t slide off.

That story reminds me of one that happened when our son was in high school. I got a frantic call from Tyler one day, about one hour before a basketball game. The heel on his basketball shoes had torn loose and he needed some new ones, and quick. “Size 11s, black and white Nike,” were his instructions.

So, I hurried to the shoe store and found just that. The salesman said “I’ll give you a deal on these,” (always hold your breath when you hear those words) as he put them in the box. I rushed them to the gym and much to Tyler’s surprise, we discovered the reason for the “deal.” Two left shoes. I’m not kidding. What really bothered me about that story was that there was someone in town walking around or playing ball wearing two right shoes.

When a person is a real klutz, we say things like, “He can’t walk and chew gum at the same time” or “He’s got two left feet.” Well, if you know someone with two left feet, tell them we know a store that will give them “a great deal.” Or if you know someone who needs a left only patent leather shoe, then I have a deal for them.

There are, of course, people who have absolutely no coordination, and they are horrible at sports. However, some of those same people can blow a trumpet or play a piano like a pro. Or they can teach a Sunday school class like an All-Star. Some can paint like Picasso. Others can deal in the business world like Warren Buffet.

We all have talents that are gifts from God. Some talents are obvious, such as sports stars who can throw, run, or dunk. Many people are just as gifted, but their talents aren’t as easily seen or appreciated. For example, churches are filled with people whose ministry is cooking casseroles for the sick or whose talent is making strangers feel welcome at church. Some folk may not be “stars” in your eyes, but they are in God’s.

Some in my church have a “sole” ministry; they bring the desperate preacher shoes.

~Pastor Steve

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