We vacationed at home (staycation) this summer.  While others were soaking up the rays at Panama City Beach, cruising on a Disney boat, or hanging out with Mickey at Disney, we stayed home. We didn’t choose to stay home; Natalie was sick for a couple of weeks, which just happened to be the weeks when we were going to Florida. You don’t get to pick when you’re gonna get sick.  We did spend two days in Dallas, TX, going to a Paul McCartney concert, which was really cool.  I complained of my vacation fate to God, but quickly realized that God doesn’t hear whining.

Staycationing in Carrollton got me to thinking that it has its advantages. Much like the Apostle Paul, who said he had learned to be content, so I too, the Apostle Steve, learned to do the same.

Here’s my list.  You could add to it.

On staycation, I have not had to vacuum buckets of sand out of the backseat of my car.

So far, on staycation there have been no trips to the ER because my skin looks like a boiled lobster after having forgotten to apply 12 layers of SPF 100 before advancing to the beach.

On staycation, I have had no encounters with jelly fish.

So far, we have had no family fights over directions to a condo in PCB that we found on Rent-a-Condo.

On staycation, we have not paid $8 per person to putt a colored golf ball through the nose of a clown.  Therefore, my daughter is not gloating for the next year because she can do that better than I.

So far, I have played more rounds of golf during this staycation than you can count on one hand.  On vacation, I get to play once, maybe twice.  And when I play, it is with total strangers who are duffers and who consume 10 beers on the first tee.

On staycation, my neighbors aren’t plotting against me because I haven’t mowed the lawn in two weeks.  You can’t mow the grass remotely from Florida.

So far, while on staycation, I have not been stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic behind cars of teenagers hanging out windows.

The bed I sleep in on staycation is my own.  Wow!

Vacation, on the other hand, teaches me that quality family time is overrated.  After a week or two with me in Florida, my family is ready to trade me in.  And I’ve had enough of them too.

Finally, the best part about staycation is when it’s time to drive home, you look out in the driveway and guess what?  You’re home!  No I-95 traffic jams; no highway construction.  You’re home.

The Apostle Paul apparently had been on one too many vacations when he penned the words, “I have learned to be content with whatever I have” (Philippians 4:11).  It sounds like he stayed home one summer!

~Pastor Steve

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